Episode 459 CINDY NOVOTNY: Defining Iconic Luxury & Identifying Its Heart

Andy is so happy to welcome Cindy Novotny of Master Connection Associates back to the podcast to catch up! Cindy is an icon in the hospitality industry and is the original founder of MCA. She is an internationally renowned leader in sales, leadership, and customer service and has been recognized by the American Society of […]

Episode 407 Revisit Cindy Novotny – Mastering Motivation

As anyone knows, sometimes we need a little motivation, a push in the right direction. Maybe we’re not as focused as we need to be and just need someone to motivate us to reach our potential.

Cindy Novotny is with us today, and she’s here to give some of her signature “straight talk” advice. Listen in and find out why you should embrace public speaking, set goals, and stay focused on what you want out of your life.

Episode 291 A Conversation With: CINDY NOVOTNY

“When life gets tough, it takes guts to keep going.” Andy is excited to have Cindy Novotny back on the show. Cindy is the founder of Master Connections Associates, an internationally renowned leader in sales, leadership, and customer service. The Association of Talent Development has recognized her as one of the nine most powerful and innovative speakers. Cindy is also the author of the book Living with No Balance and Loving it. 

Listen as Cindy speaks about where she was when the pandemic hit, and how she immediately jumped on webinars with her clients at no charge to help them navigate the crisis. Cindy discusses some common issues she has been helping clients with and why she believes that non-stop communication with your clients and team is important.

“You have to be in charge of your own destiny.” Not everyone is in the same boat; some industries are busier than they have ever been. Cindy shares what she tells people in the event industry about looking at an empty calendar and how you have to be flexible with your business model.

“Never ever reduce your prices.” Listen, as Cindy says, that reducing your prices will take you five years to recover. Instead of lowering your rates, she says to take on more clients. Cindy also touches on the vaccine controversy and shares that she has gotten every available vaccine and will get the COVID-19 one when it is available.

Cindy believes that you need to be humble if you have no clients and are in trouble financially, use what you know, and get a job. She believes that you need to do what’s necessary and remember this will pass. What a powerful and inspiring interview! 

127 THE NEXT LEVEL: Cindy Novotny: Part 2 Master Connection Associates

Having a set expectation of goals implemented is important for any company. This structure helps eliminate losing direction and the impact of confrontation. In today’s episode, Andy and renowned New York City-based event producer and designer, David Stark discuss this week’s episode with Cindy Novotny.

126 CINDY NOVOTNY: Part 2 Master Connection Associates

Have you come across challenges in life with your business? Most companies do, and today we hear from motivational and leadership expert, Cindy Novotny. Handling employees and financials in the event industry is indeed a challenge and Cindy is here to share the secrets of her success and the companies she consults for.   Cindy, […]