Today it’s all about Andy! For quite a while now, people have been asking him to air an interview about himself. Andy has been interviewed on many different podcasts, so today he decided to publish the most recent of these, with Mary Swaffield, of the Wedpreneur Podcast.

Andy and Mary will be talking about what Andy has learned from all the amazing icons whom he has interviewed on The Wedding Biz Podcast. Mary asks Andy about the common threads in the more than seventy-five interviews he’s done with some of the biggest names in the wedding and events’ industry. Andy addresses topics like cyclical struggles, dealing with anxiety and fear, and also his changing perspective about the way he views the business aspect of this highly creative industry.

Show Highlights:

  • Andy talks about his role in the wedding industry.
  • Andy explains what inspired him to start a podcast.
  • Some of the incredible event-icons Andy has worked with through his music & entertainment business, Kushner Entertainment.
  • Sylvia Weinstock, cake-designer, was the first icon Andy interviewed on The Wedding Biz podcast.
  • Mary is a huge fan. She really gets a sense of storytelling from Andy’s podcast.
  • The way that Andy manages to craft a story, with emotional impact,  around the guests who he interviews.
  • Addressing the way Colin Cowie designs with the five senses, from an interview in 2017.
  • These icons are risk takers and create a completely unique experience for each and every client.
  • Connecting with the clients on a really deep level is necessary to avoid a cookie-cutter experience.
  • Preston Bailey has been on Andy’s show twice and is really a humble person.
  • Some of the common threads running through Andy’s interviews.
  • Becoming aware that all businesses are cyclical.
  • The struggle of creatives balancing their art with the business aspect.
  • Building and dealing with your business is a creative act.
  • It’s important to be aware that business is also hard for the dedicated event-icons.
  • Robert Fountain always feels anxiety and he spoke to Andy about how he uses it as a motivator.
  • What Andy does when he catches himself with negative thoughts.
  • It’s really all about your perception.
  • The way that Mary was been taught to use her fear.
  • Learning to turn obstacles into ways to grow.
  • How Andy turns problems into blessings.
  • Andy talks about the biggest change that he’s seen in the wedding industry.
  • The incredible energy of a live band.
  • Finding ways to stay grounded and connected.

NOTE: This interview of Andy took place in November of 2018 and some information mentioned about The Next Level episodes has changed. It is now released on Wednesdays with varying guest co-hosts, all of whom are previous guests of The Wedding Biz.  

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