Andy is excited to welcome, David Adler, CEO and Founder of BizBash Media, a resource marketplace for event organizers of all types and the host of a podcast called Gather Geeks.

In this episode, David chats about how he got started in the media world, the magazine he started when he was 21, the idea behind BizBash and how technology is changing the way people look at events. David talks about his dad Warren Adler, author of “The War of the Roses”, and the business model he used for BizBash.

Listen in as David describes events he has gone to and how he believes event planners are really collaboration artists that get everyone and everything together in one place. He has a unique take on technology, augmented reality, and radical humanism that you won’t want to miss, as well as informing us as to what’s coming in the near future for the event industry and how it will be transformed. So, tune in, sit back and enjoy.

 Show Highlights:

[01:50] Welcome to the show David Adler!

[02:52] David tells us about his business and what he does.

[03:18] He believes that event organizers of any type are collaboration artists.

[03:58] David gives insight on how he got started in media.

[04:45] His father Warren Adler is the author of “The War of the Roses.”

[06:18] Did you know at a young age what you wanted to do with your life?

[08:20] At 21, David started a magazine called Washington Dosier.

[10:28] What did David learn during his time at the magazine?

[12:25] Where did he learn about events?

[14:08] How did David get the idea for BizBash? What did you use for your business model?

[16:47] Andy and David discuss the meaning behind his quote and how iPhones enhanced the revolution of events.

[19:08] Events are the new town square where everyone meets.

[20:35] David tells us what ChatBots are and how they are used.

[22:39] How does augmented reality affect the event industry? 

[24:03] What is radical humanism? How does that change what we do and think?

[27:24] How do you keep up with all of the changes in technology?

[30:25] To be an innovator, you can’t let what people think stop you from what you want to do.

[32:21] Be yourself at events and if you do you will have more fun and your business will benefit.

[34:05] David talks about Gather Geeks, a podcast for the event industry.

[35:56] David’s final thoughts about collaboration artists.




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