Listen as Andy and his guests, Tara Fay and Bruce Russell, discuss how they have handled the past year both personally and professionally, what they see happening in 2021, and the new online business they launched, plus much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Tara is the owner of Tara Fay Events, based in Dublin, Ireland. She has produced some of the most high-profile events and weddings in Ireland, Europe, the United States, and the Caribbean. Tara has won several event industry awards, was previously voted Ireland’s Premier Wedding Planner by Social and Personal Magazine, and is a sought-after speaker at wedding events and lectures students on wedding and event planning. Tara was the co-star of RTE Ireland’s TV production of My Big Day: Home or Away, along with Bruce Russell. 

Bruce is the owner and managing director of By Bruce Russell, based in London. He is a planner, designer and coordinates wedding parties and other events around the globe. He was awarded Best Wedding Planner by Belle International Bridal Awards and has been featured in numerous International Publications. His TV appearances include his co-star role with Tara in RTE Ireland’s production of My Big Day: Home or Away.

Bruce and Tara discuss what they learned through the pandemic about themselves and their businesses and the changes they hope to carry over post-pandemic. They share the new business they started and why they took the year to refine their offering to make sure it was the best it could be before launching it. They also speak about the time they took to give back to the industry and give couples advice and tips on planning their dream wedding. 

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Show Highlights:

[03:13] Welcome back to the show, Tara and Bruce!

[04:02] Bruce shares how they are doing personally after this last year of the pandemic.

[05:43] Tara speaks about learning a lot about herself during the past year and that she has to stay busy.

[08:45] Bruce discusses where he is in his business right now and how the future looks.

[11:11] Tara talks about being open and honest with her clients and letting them know she would be by their side.

[14:03] Did either of you pivot or transition anything in your businesses?

[15:39] Tara shares what she will do differently as we advance post-pandemic.

[17:50] Bruce talks about refining the new business they had been discussing.

[19:15] They wanted to remain positive and give back to the industry.

[20:06] Tara discusses what she believes will happen in the industry in the future.

[21:08] Bruce speaks about what is happening with their TV show, Bruce and Tara live, and the other things they have in the works.

[22:34] Tara shares the series of videos, books, and templates for couples with checklists to help them plan their weddings.

[24:49] Thank you both for being on the show!




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