“You have to be open to listening because you are never going to pick something up; otherwise.” Tara Fay has become an icon in the wedding and event industry by listening. When she got the opportunity to intern with a seasoned event planner, she soaked up everything about the business and now teaches interns herself.

Tara is the owner of Tara Fay Events, based in Dublin, Ireland. She has produced some of the most high profile events and weddings in Ireland and throughout Europe, the United States and the Caribbean. Tara has won several event industry awards, was previously voted Ireland’s Premier Wedding Planner by Social and Personal Magazine, and is a sought after speaker at wedding events and lectures students on wedding and event planning. Tara is the co-star of RTE Ireland’s TV production of My Big Day: Home or Away along with Bruce Russell. 

Listen in as Tara speaks about being lucky and how she believes everything is chance. Tara shares a story about the first event she planned when she started her business, why she went back to Ireland instead of staying in Los Angeles, and her love of challenges. Tara shares why she believes the decor and design are so important, her goal of designing to a guest’s five senses and her process from start to finish with new clients.

“You are earning your money when something goes wrong, not when everything goes right.” Tara has confidence that as long as she gets a little notice, she can pretty much fix anything. Listen in as she describes starting a business while raising her three children, planning funerals, and how she views success. Trust me when I say you don’t want to miss this episode. 


Show Highlights:

[02:06] Welcome to the show Tara, from Engage in Mexico. 

[02:41] Tara shares a little about her background and the disco events she planned in secondary school.

[04:20] Did you go to school for anything related to the event industry?

[05:45] Tara went to college for Business and Languages but got a Master’s in Marketing and Law.

[07:00] Tara shares how she got her start in the wedding and events industry.

[09:44] She believes that everything is by chance, and she lucked out getting to work with the event planner that mentored her.

[11:00] Did you consider staying in Los Angeles instead of going back to Ireland?

[11:39] Tara’s company was the first wedding and event company in Ireland.

[13:07] Tara loves a challenge, so starting her company was something she put 100% of herself into even when everyone told her she would fail.

[14:41] What kind of reaction did you receive from the public? Did you have any contacts?

[15:37] Tara shares a memory from the first event she planned.

[18:18] Tara believes you must play to the guest’s five senses to make each event memorable.

[19:33] Tara speaks about how the decor and design can instantly impact the guests.

[20:44] Listening to the client is the most important thing you can do. You have to know what they want.

[21:35] Tara shares her process from start to finish when meeting a new client and gives some examples.

[24:15] Listen as Tara chats about why the entertainment part of an event is so important, especially in Ireland.

[26:14] What are some of the challenges you’ve had to work with during an event?

[28:40] They discuss how the planner is the barometer of how an event is going, so you must not show any distress.

[30:01] How do you approach running the business aspect of your company? 

[31:35] Tara believes that about 70% of her clients are referrals that come from events she has previously planned.

[34:50] Tara shares about the TV show she co-stars in with Bruce Russell, My Big Day: Home or Away.

[36:03] She speaks about meeting Christina Matteucci and David Beahm in a taxi at a conference.

[37:42] They discuss what Tara spoke about at the Engage conference.

[39:40] How hard was it to start a business and raise your three children at the same time?

[42:17] Tara shares about planning funerals, what is involved, and who requests her.

[43:39] Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

[45:02] Tara describes how she views success.

[45:32] Thank you so much, Tara, for being on the show!



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