Tara Fay and Andy discuss Bruce Russell in this episode of The Next Level. Tara is a brilliant planner and designer based in Dublin, Ireland, who is also the co-star of RTE Ireland’s production of My Big Day: Home or Away along with Bruce Russell. Tara will also be on The Wedding Biz next week, so tune in then to hear more about her and her events.

Bruce is the owner and managing director of By Bruce Russell, based in London. He is a planner, designer, and coordinates wedding parties and other events around the globe. He was named Best Wedding Planner by Belle International Bridal Awards and has been featured in International Publications such as Brides, Mayfair Magazine, and Hello Fashion, to name a few. 

Listen in as Tara shares how she handles clients that aren’t a good fit and why she feels it is her job to help couples make more informed decisions around their weddings. Tara also speaks about teaching hoteliers how to show venues for wedding couples. Tara and Andy discuss timelines for events, they talk about digital agencies, and how she is so fascinated by what they do.

Tara’s perspective on Bruce is top-notch. You can tell that they are great friends. Listening to her allows you more insight into the event planning and design industry, and her input on the fascinating interview with Bruce shows the intricacies they face with each event.


Show Highlights:

  • [01:05] Welcome to the show, Tara!
  • [02:31] Tara shares that when a couple comes to you to plan their wedding, it is almost like being a therapist because usually, they haven’t talked about what they want as a couple.
  • [03:44] How do you handle clients if you feel they are not a good fit for you?
  • [05:09] Tara shares her techniques for managing a client.  
  • [06:26] Tara agrees with Bruce that clients make emotional decisions around finances when it comes to their weddings.
  • [07:51] Tara believes she is responsible for slowing couples down and getting them to realize the implications of what they want.
  • [08:46] Tara agrees with Bruce about the fact that hoteliers are not trained to show a venue as a wedding venue.
  • [11:01] Tara shares that you shouldn’t have a timeline template for a wedding because each wedding is different.
  • [14:19] Tara speaks about working with a digital brand marketing agency and how fascinating it has been.
  • [16:06] Thank you, everyone, for listening!


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