Do you know how important branding yourself and your events is? On today’s show, our guest will go more in-depth on this topic as well her perspective on choosing her support team of creative partners, for events, and on the sensitive industry issue of pricing your services.

Lynn Easton of Easton Destination Events joins us again. Her attention to detail has made her an icon in the industry.  Making every wedding unique is what Lynn and her company strive for. Easton Destination Events carved their way into this big noisy world. Listen in today and hear what Easton Destination Events has in store for 2019!

Show Highlights:

  • One of the hardest events Lynn put on and why
  • More on how Lynn feels about branding and why it is so important
  • How Easton carved their way into this big noisy world
  • Lynn describes her brand and gives examples
  • Lynn is known for her attention to detail and gives us examples
  • Using different vendor/partners for her weddings
  • What Lynn loves about her job the most
  • Topics that came up during a unique FAM trip including Pricing
  • Lynn’s goals for this coming year
  • Challenges for 2019


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