Meryl has spent 28 years in the special event & catering industry as co-founder of Feastivities Events, along with its subsidiaries OffShoots Decor and Philadelphia’s Picnic Company.  She also is the author of Booked It! Selling, Closing And Standing Out In The Special Events Industry. Meryl also authored Cha Ching There’s No Money In Sales For 2nd Place. And three how-to Style & Design videos. Her experience in the events industry is unmatched, and in the wedding industry, invaluable.

Meryl reveals nuggets about how she started, the path her businesses took after the 2008 recession, and what it means to truly be successful. We dive deep into her businesses and their allure.

Meryl also shares her path and struggles, and encourages others in the industry. Neither inexperience nor the recession could keep her down and she shares what her next steps look like for her business. Tune in to learn all you can from this events industry legend.

Show Highlights:

[01:28] Welcome back! Today we are talking with Meryl Snow of Snow Storm Solutions, etc.

[03:23] Andy and Meryl start off talking about her childhood and the pivotal moments that pushed her toward her current path.

[05:28] Meryl shares about how she met her husband, the time it took to find her passion, and the process of setting up their first business.

[07:11] Realizing and learning about corporate hospitality and mentality was a huge eye-opener for Meryl.

[08:36] Meryl and her husband started Feastivities in 1987 so that they could set their own schedule and create their own legacy.

[10:16] They then started OffShoots.

[12:07] Meryl’s next step was to add event planning to their design and catering businesses.

[13:47] Meryl defines their specific brand identity. They didn’t follow trends, they set them. (Then she describes their trends and how they made them trends.)

[16:45] Anyone can cook food, what makes you different?

[18:12] Their big change was when Aramark approached them looking to purchase their catering company.

[23:30] Meryl shares how hard they were hit by the 2008 recession and what that meant for their business.

[25:44] Appearances are everything, the recession caused everyone to look at appearances in every get-together.

[27:23] Changing their focus and their ideal customer during the recession is what saved their company.

[29:43] Because of the change in the market, they started selling their playbook and expanded their consultant services.

[31:34] Meryl shares how much she loves to train and provide continual improvements.

[33:30] After submitting to their clients a questionnaire, they realized that most people in the events industry are not marketing themselves appropriately.

[36:00] Start with a conversation rather than the conversion.

[38:05] Selling in the events space is very different than other spaces.

[39:32] If you’re not selling you, then you’re not selling.

[40:48] Get away from the typical mold of an entrepreneur and learn about others in the space.

[42:07] First impressions are so important.

[43:55] People’s assumptions direct our actions despite our attempts to be autonomous.

[45:49] Meryle shares how she goes about hiring a great salesperson.

[47:01] Everyone in their business going through the training.

[48:51] Personality tests are key!

[51:36] Next up – role play!

[52:16] They then provide a small test for their salespeople.

[53:21] Part II coming soon!

[54:38] Call, email, social media, check Meryle everywhere!


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