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THE NEXT LEVEL with Sean Low Discussing Bryan Rafanelli and Telling Clients’ Stories Through Event Design

Today’s episode of THE NEXT LEVEL is a very special one! For the first time in TNL history, we have a guest co-host. Since Melissa Fancy is on vacation, Andy has the incredibly smart and insightful Sean Lowe as his guest co-host today. Sean is the founder and President of The Business of Being Creative.

Bryan Rafanelli: REVISIT – Telling Clients’ Stories Through Event Design

If you’ve ever felt family pressure to pursue a certain career, then you can relate to today’s guest. When he realized the careers his family had chosen were not for him, he didn’t let it stop him. Today, you’ll hear the story of forging a completely new path and struggling, but being determined enough to succeed at the highest levels, as told by the amazing Bryan Rafanelli!