Andy and first-time co-host Cindy Novotny, of Master Connection Associates, discuss the incredible interview with David Stark. David opens up about his business and his business structure. David really does so many things in his business incredibly well.

Andy and Cindy also discuss:

  • There will always be parts of your business that are out of balance.
  • It’s important to build a business structure from which you can create.
  • You have to empower your employees.
  • Storytelling is at the heart of everything David does.
  • David’s own aesthetic never comes out in his creations for his customers.
  • How to find client partners who understand your value.
  • Pushing boundaries is how David has made a name for himself.

If you haven’t listened to David’s full episode, you can listen here.

Check out Cindy Novotny and Master Connection Associates here.