In this episode of The Next Level, Andy Kushner and Julie Novack, founder of PartySlate, chat about Calder Clark’s interview on the Wedding Biz. Julie is a marketing expert who has been in the business for more than 20 years and is working to make PartySlate the best resource in the world for connecting wedding vendors and their clients.

Julie and Andy discuss everything from Clader’s initial market research through peer shopping to her beliefs on having multiple streams of revenue. Learn why processes are the foundation of growth and why they should never be static. Listen as Julie shares her insights on all of the wonderful things Calder has done to market and grow her business.

Show Highlights:

  • [00:49] Andy welcomes Julie Novack, the founder of PartySlate to the show.
  • [02:23] How does Julie feel about shopping your peers? 
  • [03:45] Learn the value of metaphor when explaining the details of a business.
  • [05:01] Why are systems and processes necessary in business?
  • [09:03] Adjusting is a continual process and is unbelievably important to growth.
  • [09:45] How involved is Julie’s team in redefining their processes? 
  • [11:45] Involving your team in the process development can be very therapeutic.
  • [13:06] Are multiple streams of revenue a must-have? 


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