Calder Clark, owner and creative director at Calder Clark, has created a devoted following due to her flawless attention to detail for her immaculate destination fetes. Andy and Calder dive deep into her background, processes, and what truly drives her to plan and design the events she takes on. 

Learn how she set herself up for success early on, learned the ins and outs of the wedding biz from her hotel days, and why multiple revenue streams and investing are so important. She gives some amazing tips for those just starting out in the business and provides a truly transparent look at her business and philosophies. 

If you’ve been looking to hear how a successful wedding and events planner and designer has managed to find work/life balance and prosperity, then you won’t want to miss Andy’s conversation with Calder Clark.

 Show Highlights:

[02:14] Welcome to the podcast Calder Clark!

[03:30] Learn about Calder’s early years and how she was inspired to get into the industry.

[09:58] What was Calder’s first position at Design Cuisine?

[12:57] How surgery and clear liquids led to a complete mindset shift and pivot.

[17:22] Learn how Calder slowed down enough to manage her health and her business.

[19:35] Why multiple streams of revenue and investing are so important.

[24:46] How Calder started her own business. 

[31:13] Learn more about Calder’s process.

[35:47] How did she develop her pricing strategy and structure? 

[40:04] What are some of the biggest misconceptions in the planning industry?

[42:53] Calder chats about some of the challenges she’s had to overcome.

[48:59] Hear how Calder has found balance in her life.

[53:48] Learn Calder’s best tips for building your best business.

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