Episode 383 REVISIT: Mindy Weiss – Setting the Standard

Mindy Weiss is a force in the high-end wedding and event planning business. Since her early beginnings, she has delighted celebrity and non-celebrity clients alike with her ability to build meaningful relationships every step of the way.

On this episode, Mindy shares her wealth of knowledge about what it’s like to maintain an A-List clientele. But while there certainly are additional factors to consider when planning luxury events for celebrities, Mindy’s insights from years of experience working with families and couples are applicable to anyone in the event planning industry.

From getting to truly know your clients– both financially and personally– to how you might be able to successfully evade the paparazzi, Mindy Weiss dives in with honesty and humor to share her wisdom on this episode.

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Episode 374 REVISIT: MICHELLE RAGO – Weddings Around the Globe

Michelle Rago has always had wanderlust flowing through her veins. It’s what has inspired her to build her massively successful career as a wedding and event destination producer and expert. She’s now one of the most sought-after destination event planners in the world, in large part because of her vision, relationship building skills, and meticulous attention to every possible detail. Her love for travel and experiencing new cultures came from a study abroad trip in Greece when she was just 15. Ever since, she’s been exploring new ways to bring stunning events and weddings to the most inspiring and beautiful locations around the globe.

Today, Andy and Michelle chat about the steps she took to growing her passions and her business, and some of the major epiphanies and milestones she realized along the way. The pair also dive into how she untangles the vastly intricate puzzles of destination weddings, her process of making an event come to fruition, and some of her favorite and most satisfying events to date. This week’s episode taps into the idea that following what your heart desires can truly lead to a career full of personal and professional achievements. Check out the full episode now. 

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Episode 367 REVISIT: TARA GUERARD – Wedding Designer with a Southern Flair

Southern charm and Tara Guérard are synonymous with each other. Add weddings to the mix, and you’ve got one of the most highly respected wedding designers in the business. Tara’s business, Tara Guérard Soirée, began 20 years ago when she discovered her love for design, creativity, and of course, planning parties! Her design aesthetic and passion for her work has led her to being a top tier designer with offices in Charleston, South Carolina and New York City.

Tara is also the owner of The Lettered Olive, a company that focuses on designing immaculate one-of-a-kind wedding invitations, save the dates, and more, has also published two books with a third on the way, and is a mother of 3 young children. She wears a lot of hats, and to no surprise, wears them all very well!

Andy and Tara dive into how she got started in her career and how much has changed in the industry since she started her business. The two also chat about how she brings clients her southern flair, what it’s like raising three children under ten while also running a business, and Tara’s popular YouTube channel Tara Guérard’s Life’s a Party. The full interview is available now, only on The Wedding Biz!

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Episode 309 REVISIT: DAVID MONN PART 2: Acumen in the Business of Events

In this episode of the Wedding Biz, Andy brings back David Monn for part 2 of their conversation. David’s clients include social leaders from around the world. He is known for events like The Met’s Costume Institute Gala, and the 100th Anniversary of the Plaza Hotel, to name a few. He is also a contributing editor to Departures Magazine and has been featured in numerous luxury and lifestyle publications. 

Listen as David breaks down how he planned the Met’s Gala, how he used the senses, time of year, and locations to make the event one of a kind. He discusses how having discipline and order at a function allows it to flow, and why the band or DJ should know how to read the energy of the group.

David’s wisdom knows no bounds. You can’t help but learn from listening to him talk about corporate events being about messaging the brand and learning his perspective on how to most effectively work with fundraisers. 

He talks about the three main things he feels are given us in life and how thankful he is for them. The event industry is not something you get into because you need a job, you do it because you can’t see yourself doing anything else. 

This is a fantastic conversation, with stellar stories and invaluable information. We have been waiting for this episode since July, when Part 1 was released, so get ready to be blown away yet again.

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