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383 REVISIT: Mindy Weiss – Setting the Standard

383 REVISIT: Mindy Weiss – Setting the Standard

Mindy Weiss is a force in the high-end wedding and event planning business. Since her early beginnings, she has delighted celebrity and non-celebrity clients alike with her ability to build meaningful relationships every step of the way.

On this episode, Mindy shares her wealth of knowledge about what it’s like to maintain an A-List clientele. But while there certainly are additional factors to consider when planning luxury events for celebrities, Mindy’s insights from years of experience working with families and couples are applicable to anyone in the event planning industry.

From getting to truly know your clients– both financially and personally– to how you might be able to successfully evade the paparazzi, Mindy Weiss dives in with honesty and humor to share her wisdom on this episode.

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378 REVISIT: MINDY RICE of MINDY RICE DESIGN – Creating Feelings Instead of Just Events

378 REVISIT: MINDY RICE of MINDY RICE DESIGN – Creating Feelings Instead of Just Events

When we think about wedding and event floral designs, our imagination is often limited to bouquets and centerpieces. Today, I am talking to one of the premier event designers in the world.  She sees flowers and foliage as a way to create lasting memories of events your guests will never forget. Mindy Rice, of Mindy Rice Design, is a native Californian with a creative lineage. Growing up, Mindy was taught how to think like a designer. Never feeling confined by the “rules” wedding floral arrangements like to follow, Mindy seemed to fall into the wedding business after designing events for the corporate world.

What makes Mindy unique is how she encourages her clients to step into their most daring self. She turns dreams into reality—no Pinterest board copy-cat ideas here! Today, Mindy is going to walk us through her process, from the exciting ideation stages to actually executing her most memorable pieces. She will share stories of how she has transformed a simple barn into a Redwood wonderland. Mindy will describe her favorite pieces, and how she uses color and perspective to transform any event space. Mindy’s goal is to create unique elements for each event that guests will really remember. She is not afraid to take a risk because she knows the risky pieces will always pay off. Every bloom and bough is placed thoughtfully so that guests will feel something long after the last toast and dance.

“Everybody has two personalities—who they really are, and who they dare themselves to be.” ~Mindy Rice

Today is not just about flowers and spectacle! Mindy and I will chat about what it means to own our own business, and how we can successfully balance our creative endeavors with family life. The event design business sometimes feels as though it could take over everything! Mindy embraces the life she’s been given and chooses jobs that will both fulfill her creatively and best support her family. Mindy is inspiring in so many ways, and I know she is going to transform the way you’ve always thought about flowers. Expect the unexpected when Mindy is around!

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376 REVISIT: THE TRAVEL SIBLINGS – Experiential Destination Travel

376 REVISIT: THE TRAVEL SIBLINGS – Experiential Destination Travel

When you think of experiencing personalized and experiential destination weddings, you most likely need to be thinking of Harlan and Kara, The Travel Siblings. This duo has been designing private and intimate events and luxury travel experiences around the globe for years through their affiliation with the Elite Division of Travel Leaders  – Tzell Travel Group and were recently recognized by Conde Nast as the “Best Agents for Destination Weddings”.

The pair found their love for travel when Harlan was working as a traveling opera singer as a young teen. He would often bring his younger sister Kara on a few getaways in between tours. There, they both fell in love with the art of luxurious travel, fine dining, and unique global experiences. These moments informed and influenced the pair’s business of offering unforgettable luxury travel experiences uniquely catered to their clients whom wish to wed at a magical destinations.

Today, Andy, Harlan, and Kara share a fun and lively talk about how the sibling’s upbringing shaped their passions and careers, and how they manage to work together creatively and professionally. The three also chat about how they create experiences out of each destination, some of their favorite and most wild honeymoon and wedding stories to date, and what the best part of their job really is to them. This luxurious and decadent episode will have you ready to book your own destination wedding with the one and only Harlan and Kara. Listen to their full episode right here.

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Reviews for The Wedding Biz Podcast

*I’m Addicted!*

I’m absolutely addicted to this podcast! I find it fascinating to learn about the backstory of each industry influencer as an entrepreneur in the event space myself.

United States

*A Sincere Thank You*

I am sincerely thankful for this podcast. Listening to the interviews gave me a huge portion of courage to launch my own bridal design business this year.

United States

*A Must-Listen for Wedding Professionals*

This podcast is a must-listen for wedding professionals. It is engaging and informative, giving you insight into the behind the scenes of the wedding industry in real time

United States

*Great Inside Perspective*

Andy’s interviews offer listeners an inside perspective into industry veterans’ journeys and revealing insights and advice for wedding pros to leverage in their own businesses.

K Bella Events
United States

*Amazing Opportunity*

It’s amazing to have the opportunity to listen to some of the industry’s finest talk about their work, life, and craft… this podcast is an incredible resource!

TheWedding AC
United States

Amazing Podcast

I have been listening to the Wedding Biz podcast for over a year now and absolutely love it! I find every interview to be very inspiring with a ton of interesting information for anyone working in wedding industry. There is so much to learn from each guest and I find that the Wedding Biz host Andy Kushner does an amazing job with interviews. If you want to learn from the best in the industry and take your business and creativity to the next level – make sure to check out this podcast.


An Amazing Resource

I am so glad to have come across The Wedding Biz podcasts. The interviews are incredible. It is so hepful and encouraging to hear the stories of the wedding industries’ best. I have picked up so many pearls of wisdom. I would highly recommend this to anyone in the wedding industry. Thank you so much Andy for such a fabulous resource.

Fen Bolodeoku, MonAnnie Cakes
United Kingdom

Honest and Fresh Storytelling

Andy and his guests engage the listener into their discussions – and we love this! A deep dive into the real life of wedding pros, with invaluable tips for us all!

n Good Company PR
United States

Podcast of the Year!

I listen to tons of podcasts in lots of genres, and although there are many ‘interview-style’ podcasts out there, few are jam-packed with as many takeaways as The Wedding Biz. I only discovered it towards the end of 2019 and I’ve been quickly working my way through the back catalogue. Andy has such a great interview style and provides so much value to everyone working in the wedding industry. As a photographer/film-maker, I’ve taken away so much. Definitely my podcast of the year.

United Kingdom

So Inspiring!!!

Yes, the wedding biz is definitely different from all other business. Thank you for sharing all these experiences!


Great Interviewer and Interviewees!

The commentary between Andy and his guests is always flawless and so smooth – you can tell he works in audio 😉 I always appreciate his conversational lead to keep his guest’s words flowing and keep his listeners on our feet for more! Likewise, unlike some other podcast hosts that try to take the limelight at any moment, Andy keeps his ego in check at all times and gives his guests the proper treatment and time to share their thoughts. I look forward to his podcasts every week, and makes driving/treadmilling so much more enjoyable and productive haha


One of the Best Wedding Podcasts

Thank you for your incredible interviews, Andy!

United States

Love It!

Just started listening to this podcast a few days ago, and as someone just starting out in the wedding planning industry, this is exactly what I needed! Andy is so down-to-earth, really knows how to converse with his guests, he’s super personable. Clearly, he has put a lot of time and effort into his work, and has spoken to so many icons in the business! Amazing work Andy, thank you!! ✨
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