Episode 407 REVISIT: Cindy Novotny – Mastering Motivation

As anyone knows, sometimes we need a little motivation, a push in the right direction. Maybe we’re not as focused as we need to be and just need someone to motivate us to reach our potential.

Cindy Novotny is with us today, and she’s here to give some of her signature “straight talk” advice. Listen in and find out why you should embrace public speaking, set goals, and stay focused on what you want out of your life.

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Episode 173 THE NEXT LEVEL: VALERIE GERNHAUSER Discusses MERYL SNOW Part 2, Setting Yourself Apart in Life and Business

In this episode of The Next Level, Andy Kushner and Valerie Gernhauser, CEO of Sapphire Events, discuss Meryl Snow’s second interview on the Wedding Biz. Valerie is a self-proclaimed, recovering attorney who has built a business out of design practices and principles as well as teaching others how to build their own business. She loves sharing the knowledge she has gained through trial and error in her years in the business.

Listen to learn how Valerie and Andy feel about Meryl’s philosophies about training, pricing, and sales. They dive deep into how they train their teams, the importance of cold calling, and why Meryl’s thoughts on pricing had them re-evaluating their own pricing structures. There are so many great tidbits of thought and reflection in this episode. Don’t miss out on a word!

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Episode 172 MERYL SNOW: Part 2 Setting Yourself Apart In Life And Business.

Andy welcomes back to the show Meryl Snow, an icon in the events and catering industry. In Meryl’s first interview, she and Andy discussed her multiple businesses and how she started in the space. The conversation was amazing and there were so many more details to unpack. 

On this episode, Meryl shares everything from why she admires the millennial work philosophy and how to prepare, create, and grow a successful business. Listen in to learn some really juicy tidbits from a true business genius.

Been struggling with creating proposals, creating your brand story, or setting your pricing strategy? Meryl digs in and provides her tips and beliefs on why we shouldn’t be working ourselves to the bone any longer. She also provides amazing insights on how creating a brand story and storytelling set you apart with your potential clients.

This was an amazing conversation and Meryl is truly an open book. Listen in and learn how she’s gotten to where she is now and the philosophies that have kept her and her business relevant over more than two decades in the industry. Don’t miss the chance to learn from an expert.

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Episode 165 THE NEXT LEVEL: SEAN LOW Discusses MERYL SNOW: Maximizing Sales, Consulting, and Feastivities Events

In this episode of The Next Level, Andy Kushner and guest co-host, Sean Low, discuss key topics from last Monday’s interview with Meryl Snow. Sean is a big-picture thinker who connects the dots for creative business owners to find high levels of success. 
On this episode of The Next Level, Sean and Andy discuss the way Meryl Snow built her business to where it is now. From becoming a trendsetter to creating a defined hiring practice, Meryl has built her business for ultimate success. Sean also chats about Meryl’s belief that traditional sales tactics no longer work, and those trained in sales should start from scratch.
You won’t want to miss out on Sean’s insights into the many effective practices Meryl has put into place to build multiple successful businesses. Tune in to hear his take on her best practices.
Show Highlights:

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